How Can I Help You? 

My services are offered by appointment only at an hourly rate.

Patient Advocacy services are not covered by insurance but may be tax-deductible. 

Please contact me for initial consultation to determine how we can best meet your needs.


My Services 

  •  I will research your medical condition, treatment options, or consultation options and inform you about these in an easy-to-understand way.
  • I will review your records and provide a summary of care for you and your providers so that everyone is on the same page.
  • I will meet with you to prepare you for your medical appointment and I will prepare questions to assist in making your appointment is as productive as possible and so that your doctor hears your main concerns.
  • I will attend your appointment with you and be involved as much (or little) as you like.  I will assist in asking difficult questions, take notes and provide a written summary of your appointment to you so that you can remember key details and can share with family members.
  • I will review your medications to check for interactions or side effects to ensure they are not causing symptoms.
  • I will ensure that you understand your medical condition and treatment options as well as possible.  
  • I will share this information-if you wish-with your family members.
  • I will advocate for you for the right care at the right time.  
  • I will meet with you when you're hospitalized, be present for medical rounds and discharge planning to ensure all information is communicated and that you are prepared to go home.  I'll ensure inpatient information is communicated to your primary care physician so that follow-up is safe and smooth. 
  • I will meet with you when you're hospitalized to help you avoid common medical errors and risks associated with being hospitalized.
  • I will review end-of-life forms with you and explain what each point means so that you have a clear plan so that YOUR wishes are followed in an emergency. 
  • I will help you transition from hospital or home to a skilled nursing facility, rehabilitation facility, assisted living or other care environment. I will ensure your safe transition, including medication transition, and will ensure your rights are upheld. 
  • I will perform the above for a loved one if you wish to hire me for their care.  I'll convey your questions and concerns to their physicians and will keep you appraised with your loved one's permission. 
  • I will assist you in communicating with your physicians regarding reasons for disability.
  • I will assist Veterans in navigating the complicated VA system and ensure that care is timely and appropriate.
  • I will assist Veterans in undergoing the VA disability rating system, including attending appointments with you so that the ways in which you are disabled are clearly communicated to the examiner.
  • Ask me if we are able to assist with other needs you may have!


The following are NOT part of my services:

I am NOT a licensed physician at this time and will not act as your physician under any circumstance. As such, 

  • I will not examine you.
  • I will not prescribe treatment.
  • I will not make medical decisions for you.  

I am not a lawyer and will not provide legal advice.  I recommend you consult with your attorney regarding all legal matters. I will not file insurance coverage for you and will not pay medical bills for you.