Illness is Overwhelming...

Together it is easier. The word "patient" originates from Latin and means "suffering."  When you're ill, you're overwhelmed on many different levels:  physically, you may feel terrible; emotionally, you may feel frightened by what this illness means for you, your family, and your job; mentally, you may feel overwhelmed by all the new information.  We'll help you find ways to lessen this suffering on all levels, Together.    
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...So Is The Medical System 

The healthcare system amplifies the suffering of illness with endless phone calls, short appointments, confusing terminology, and avoidable mistakes.  We aim to lessen this suffering by making those phone calls for you, helping you prepare for appointments and attending them with you, translating medical information, and helping avoid healthcare errors. We can do this, Together.  
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We Can Help Even If No One Knows What's Wrong

New diagnoses can be frightening, but knowing something is wrong and not having a name for it can be even worse. You may have been to many physicians by this point and had numerous tests done.  Let us lessen the burden and help you get the answers you need. We’ll organize your information, research possible diagnoses, and suggest additional consultations or tests that your doctor may order. It can feel less frightening, Together.   

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We're There at the Right Place and Time

We’ll be at your appointments to hear all of the important details. Studies show that patients forget about half of information communicated during a doctor’s visit--and information that is remembered is remembered incorrectly another half of the time!  We'll take notes during your appointment and prepare a visit summary so that you have ALL of the vital information about your condition that you need.  We'll take the time to educate you about your condition.  We're stronger, Together.  

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There Are Big Decisions To Be Made

We’ll listen to your values, goals, and hopes, and make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you. We'll be your sounding board while you make these hard choices. Whether you're deciding on chemotherapy vs radiation, surgery vs medical treatment, home health vs a skilled nursing facility, or it's time to complete your living will. We're smarter, Together.  

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We'll Be Your Eyes and Ears If You're Too Far Away To Help

You can hire us to advocate for your loved one when you’re too far away or unable to take time off from work.  We’ll attend their appointments, meet them in the hospital, or help them find the right nursing home.  We’ll keep you aware of everything that goes on with permission from your loved one. We're more available, Together.

Kim's expertise and calm guidance combined with her warm bedside manner helped me bridge the gap between medical professionals and myself. She encouraged me and  supported me through every step.

Lacey Coleman

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